Effective Options In Bathroom Vanities


A vanity is a point of convergence in any bathroom. It can raise even the smallest bath spaces without doing a lot. A vanity will also assist you with managing your space better. Before you begin with bathroom vanity design ideas, you need to look at some essential main factors. A perfect vanity design needs efficient planning and focus. There are plenty of choices to be made, from the format and style to the different types of sinks and ledges.

Designing a bathroom vanity for your bathroom is easy to do and just takes a small amount of planning and effective designing to get an ideal vanity cabinet for you that fulfils your needs. The following set of the process will give you a game plan to follow if you want to choose the right vanity and explore its different options.

Your Options in Bathroom Vanities

Whenever you want to design your bathroom with custom vanities and need to know how you will achieve the perfect look and comfort in your bathroom, always remember it requires perfect planning, designing and installing the right vanity according to your bathroom size.

  • Since bathrooms are the smallest spots in your home, first you need to identify the available sufficient space and what your current plumbing allows.
  • Now you want to choose the right suitable vanity sink that can fit your plumbing needs as well.
  • If your current bathroom contains a single sink and you want to move your plumbing to a double Jack and Jill concept, you might need to get the local plumber in to make sure the existing pipes are set up to connect the additional faucet and drain.

So, unless you’re set on one type of bathroom pieces, here are some well-known and very convenient vanity styles we create regularly, which have the potential to fulfil your vanity needs again and again.

  • Open shelf vanity
  • Standalone cabinet
  • Double sink cabinet
  • Wall-mounted floating vanity

Open Shelf Vanity

Open Shelf style positively gives the most storage space because of its open space idea. But this perfect design will satisfy you if you are searching for storage bins and cases to store your stuff in a better way.

Its minimalist presence looks appealing, elegant and at times even rustic, that is if it is kept well-managed, efficient and not refined so it will last long. So, if you intend to store a few more things than just some face towels and your fancy blow dryer, the idea probably won’t work for you.

Standalone Cabinet Vanities

These cabinet vanities are the most popular and practical. There are various styles of Standalone cabinet vanities, beginning from the traditional design that typically gives a false cabinet at the top and multiple drawers running down to the base.

The good thing about custom-built cabinets is that they can be manufactured to fit any spot, so use creative and minimalist designs. You will need to pick a façade style and color to complete your vanity, designers become exceptionally helpful when it comes to choosing the right theme.

Double Sink

The double sink also known as the Jack and Jill vanity needs some space for installation. Generally,6 feet in width would be the minimum base. Measure your space, focus on the back wall and sidewalls for the right measurement. You will need at least 28 inches of depth for the cabinet to hold your sinks and faucets.

Moreover, the main part is that an extensive vanity usually needs a huge ledge which can be costly. So if you want an economical option then you can explore other options as well. Basically, this idea is an optimal selection for couples that have sufficient space and ample budget.

Wall-Mounted Floating

These vanities are gorgeous, comfortable and lavish in style. They tend to come with a steep price tag since the equipment alone can cost over $500. But, if that’s the direction you are headed in, you will be glad to know there is an advanced lavish look. There are multiple strategies used for designing the façade, keeping an open face shelf at the upper piece of the vanity will provide quick access to face towels or your hairdryer while pullout drawers below will give extra storage space to you.


Storage is one of the most vital elements when designing a vanity for a bathroom. Take stock of all the items that you might want to store in your vanity cabinet. It is additionally critical to consider the sizes of the items too as it will help you to decide whether they can fit in drawers or if cabinet doors with shelves are required. Vanity cabinets can also be used as a storage spot to charge your phones while preparing for work. Hopefully, these steps have drawn a clear picture for you!

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