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If you are finding ways to keep your living room neat and clean without piling up, then you can incorporate multi-functional furniture which would help in maintaining the living room up to the standard. This clever way of integration of furniture with multiple features would reduce the clutter of things in the living room even if you have a small or large living room because the furniture can also be customized, so there is no limitation for space, you can adjust the measurement of the furniture according to the area of the living room. This smart furniture placement would do wonders for your living room.

There are multiple types of furniture you can integrate into your living room. Some of them work well such as:

Place a Dresser in your Living Room

You are wondering “how can someone place dressers in the living room?” but believe it or not they are very constructive for your living room. You can store things like books, toys, electronic items or movies, series, or games. Besides, it can also work as a TV stand and place your compatible remote for TV at the stand.

Integrate a Console Table

Console table would give an aesthetic look to your living room, is very stylish, and looks up to date. It also has drawers that can be used placing slim items as this table has slim features. Additionally, you can place a bin under the table for further storage utilization. These tables are available in different sizes; you can get yours according to your living room area.

Room Coops

Room coops are also referred to as sideboards or cabinets. They are available in multiple qualities and in different colors that will suit your preference alongside variable and customizable sizes. Room coops have large storage which can be used to keep blankets and other items that are randomly put in our living rooms. These cabinets provide the essential storage capacity to keep your living room from getting messy.

Bench with Storage

A lot of benches now come with double or multiple functionalities, the bench with storage under it can be used in multiple ways to store books, video games, toolbox, toys, etc. Alongside people can sit over it. This useful piece of furniture has a cushion on its top, which will require your creative side to think of the right color theme.

Integrated Shelves

The best way to utilize your living room capacity is to integrate shelves in your living room. This not only helps you in keeping your extra stuff in it but also gives your interior shelves a modern look. These shelves are best suited to be used for book storage or families who have a large collection of decorative items.

Shelve Divider 

The shelving item has an eye-catching interior and looks phenomenal in the living room providing extra space for your storage but also displaying your achievements and performances. You can place multiple things on the shelving unit like books, decors, paintings, and other things. This is particularly a light-weight geometric-shaped item, not taking much space in your living and providing a little more space for an organized look.

Customized Area in the Living Room

You can also get the customized area with a lot of capacity utilization by storing and placing entertainment items on it. If you want to get an entertainment center and also want to utilize your space in the living room then this is the best solution to integrate an entertainment center available in different sizes, styles, and colors.

Levitating Shelves

Levitating shelves are a perfect choice if you have small items that mess up your living room. You can place these accessories on the levitating shelves. They can be best used beside a fireplace. You can place woods on the levitating shelf. There are other décor items you can put on the shelves to make it look attractive and decent.

Coffee Tables with Drawers

A coffee table is another good idea to integrate into your living room as it provides extra storage underneath the table which can be used for books, remotes, magazines, and newspapers, etc. However, coffee tables are also available in different sizes and colors. Before buying for any specific storage, always check the measurement.  The drawer sizes differ. They are more suitable for large living rooms.


Living room storage and shelving are an essential part of managing the extra stuff or stuff that gives your living room a messier look. There are a variety of ways that help in increasing your living room storage. You can choose the most suitable furniture that can serve you in multiple ways. Always check the material of furniture before buying as it is a long-term investment, so keep an open eye when going to buy customized or multifunctional furniture providing a new and modern comprehensive way of adjusting your home most efficiently.

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