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Kitchen remodeling is the most exciting project of your home. A new kitchen will certainly improve the esthetics, functionality and possibly increase value of your home. But, like any remodeling, you will face unforeseen challenges. Here we will share insight that will help in your custom kitchen journey.

Your Budget

It’s important to understand what goes into investing in a new custom kitchen. Whether you’re starting from a newly built or remodeled home or if you’ll need to hire a demolition crew to take down the old kitchen. This scale will help you better understand the cost attached to every upgrade of materials and styles.

Material CoreFlakeboardAsian PlywoodCanadian PlywoodHardwood
Material FaçadeLaminate/MelamineShop PaintVeneer StainLacquer
Door StyleFlatShakerInsetFramed Inset Shaker

Decide Which Layout Works Best for You

When choosing the best kitchen layout, determine how much space you have to work with. Most common layout styles include Single wall, Galley, L or U-shaped Island, and Peninsula. Each one has its specific space requirements, so you’ll need to focus on measuring your available space and preparing a rough sketch. Keep in-mind, the appliances you might want to install will require certain amount of space, check out the size options with different brands.

Choose the Ideal Kitchen Style

Most popular kitchen styles are Contemporary, Traditional, Modern, Farmhouse, and Transitional. You can also find many other unique styles online or learn more by talking to aninterior specialist. Browsing images on the web will give you a better idea of which styles and upgrades you might want for your kitchen.

Consider All Factors

Once you have selected your idea style and settled on the layout of your new kitchen, it is best to move along to finishes. As mentioned in the scale earlier, you have serval options when it comes to façade finish. Be creative – it is very popular to design a two-tone kitchen, usually upper cabinets are all in one color and the bottoms are in another. When it comes to veneers, ask about book-matching and selection of stains that will protect and brighten the natural wood.

You’ll probably decide on your surface finish, either glossy, semi-gloss or matte. Take note that glossy surfaces require more spraying and whipping than a matte and semi-gloss is usually the middle ground.

Don’t Forget Hardware

You have finally reached the last yet important stage. Choosing your hardware is recommended to be done last, visualizing the right look when looking at your completed kitchen. Door and drawer handles are available in various styles such as Traditional, Mission, Contemporary, Rustic, Rock On, Artistic, Farmhouse, Asian Inspiration, Retro, Tuscan, and much more. So, pick up a few samples and don’t rush. If you are ready to bring your dream kitchen to life, Custom Lotus is your best bet! We ensure to deliver personalized designs that suit your home-style, your vision and budget. For more information, please reach out to us at (888) 402-0011.

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